How can my drivers update their own odometers?

My company bills for mileage, so I want to make sure there is very little difference between device reported mileage and actual mileage. Rather than have drivers take quarterly odometer readings and send them to me to record as waypoints in the portal, is there an easy way that drivers can update their own odometer waypoints?

Odometer readings are automatically recorded for each vehicle with an installed device. Although there is often very little difference between reported (GPS Odometer) and actual mileage (Diagnostic Odometer), it’s encouraged to update odometer waypoints (Pro/En) | odometer waypoints (Standard) in the portal, which you can either do one at a time or in a batch process by importing data from a spreadsheet (Pro/En only). Should there be any difference between reported and actual (due to a variety of operational variables), the portal will re-factor the difference among all of the trips taken since the last entry and continue to recalibrate for future entries.

To streamline this process, you can ask your drivers to make their own updates, which they can do by sending odometer values via SMS message.

To update odometer via query services (driver instructions):

Driver query functions do not require authorization, but a driver’s phone number must be added to the driver’s profile that is assigned to a vehicle OR to the vehicle’s contact information (Pro/En) | to the vehicle’s contact information (Standard) before the driver can issue these queries.

  1. Create a text message (SMS).
  2. Address the message to 477-477 (GPSGPS).
  3. In the message, enter the following: gps odo [odometer value]. Example: gps odo 52345.

[Odometer value] must not use punctuation. [Vehicle name] is another parameter to include in the query, but it is not required if the driver’s SMS number is already assigned to the vehicle. If a driver drives multiple vehicles, specify the vehicle name for the odometer to include in the update.
Example: gps Truck1 odo 52345.

You’ll receive a response if the update was successful. Example: Odometer for ‘Truck1’ was updated to 52345.


Learn more driver functions from the query services documentation