How do I hide a vehicle’s location?

Question:Several vehicles in my fleet are operated by personnel whose location is sensitive (i.e., law enforcement agents). How can I hide their location on maps and reports but still include them in collective reports or alerts?

The hide location feature is a convenient way to remove a vehicle’s visibility from most areas of the dashboard and in maps/reports while still being able to use other benefits of the GPS tracking solution. You can optionally hide an individual vehicle’s location (see steps below), or you can use the Update Vehicle Labels importer to hide vehicle labels for a group of vehicles.

To hide a vehicle’s location:

  1. From the portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Open.

The Manage Vehicles and Groups page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. Locate the vehicle you want to modify, and click Edit ().


The Edit Vehicle Details page appears.


If you want to quickly switch to another vehicle from this page, use the Vehicle drop-down.

  1. From the Edit Vehicle Details grid, select the Hide Location check box.

  1. Click Submit Changes.

When you refresh the Manage Vehicles and Groups page, the hidden vehicle will appear with a “hidden” indicator ().

  1. Go back to the dashboard, and refresh your screen (F5).

The vehicle is removed from various dashlets, such as the Vehicle Selector and Map: map3 map4

The vehicle remains on any relevant reports; however, wherever location data is listed, it will be replaced with “Location Unknown,” and the Latitude and Longitude values (if relevant to the report) will be set to 0.0000. Export options, such as 3D mapping, also hide the location.

This style of permission allows a vehicle to be viewed by a user, but it obscures its actual whereabouts, even in the reports that might otherwise show the location itself.