What is self-certification (ELD Mandate)?

What is the self-certification mandate for ELD, and why hasn’t Wex Telematics completed it yet?

As of this date, the FMCSA has neither released all of the technical guidelines outlining the compliance requirements of the ELD mandate, nor have they provided a date at which point they plan to do so. The missing piece in the FMCSA’s documentation is in regard to how eRODS data is stored and transferred. Before self-certifying, Wex Telematics wants to ensure that our system works flawlessly with whatever format the FMCSA chooses to use.

At Wex Telematics our customers are our first priority, and we are committed to providing a device that guarantees your company’s compliance. As such we are constantly improving our device as we work toward our ultimate goal of self-certification.

This document can be kept as a guarantee that Wex Telematics will be self-certified prior to the effective date of the mandate. Should Wex Telematics not be self-certified by that time, the customer can return all ELD devices for a full refund and will be released from the contract for monthly vehicle monitoring immediately.