About Vehicles on the Map

All of your registered vehicles and/or assets are visible on the map by color code and shape (if assigned).

Map Legend

Click on the Legend button to view the definition of the colors and shapes on the map.

Color Coding

Vehicles are color-coded according to their current status (i.e., moving, idling, stopped).

For a vehicle to be assigned an “out-of-range” status, the vehicle must meet two technical requirements: 1) Last known ignition Event is ON, AND 2) Last device ping received 60 minutes ago or more.

Shape Coding

You can also identify your vehicles on the map easily by assigning shapes to your vehicles. Shapes are customizable. Instead of using a default marker (), you can assign different icon shapes to different vehicles to get an immediate visual indicator for the vehicle type, category, etc.

Vehicle List

In the Vehicle List and drop-downs, vehicles are listed alphabetically (by vehicle label) or chronologically (if vehicle label is numeric).

When you click on a vehicle from a list or from a map, the Vehicle Card appears, which shows you the duration of vehicle status, last reported time of ignition status, address and geocode of last reported location, and more.