ELD Provisioning Guide

In the event you need to provision a newly installed ELD tablet or reprovision an existing tablet after successfully unprovisioning, please follow the steps below to properly configure the ELD tablet.

To provision the ELD tablet:

  1. Write down the serial number (SN) located on the back of the tablet in the lower-left corner – this is required to complete Step 3 in this guide.
  2. Connect the tablet to the ELD dock by lightly inserting the bottom of the tablet into the dock and pushing the top of the tablet back until you hear a click.
  3. If the Provision Device screen is not open, tap the eFleetSuite app located on the left-side of the Home screen.
  4. Enter the following information on the Provision Device screen.
    1. Device ID: Delete the existing information and enter the SN from the back of the ELD tablet.
    2. Vehicle ID: Vehicle ID/Label.
    3. Organization ID: Provided by the GPS administrator.
    4. Provisioning Key: Provided by the GPS administrator.
    5. Host Name: eld-data.gpsinsight.com
    6. Port: 4001
    Before you proceed, please ensure that you have entered the correct ELD serial number in the Device ID field above. Failure to correctly enter this, or other values requires the tablet to be unprovisioned and reprovisioned to correct the invalid values.
  5. Tap Done, or
  6. Provisioning should succeed within two minutes; the Driver Login screen appears when complete. If provisioning is unsuccessful, redo all steps and ensure the correct information is entered in the Provision Device screen. If you continue to experience issues with provisioning your ELD tablet, please contact the GPS Insight Support team.

Verifying eFleetSuite Access

After you provision the ELD tablet, you must log into the Hours of Service portal to confirm the device appears in the system.

To confirm the ELD appears in the Hours of Service portal.

  1. Log into the GPS portal.
  2. From the More menu, click Hours of Service, and then click Open.
  3. The Open button provides access to the HOS portal only when the user is logged into the GPS portal with the admin username for the account. If you do not have access to the admin username, you must log into the HOS Portal directly using your HOS portal login credentials.

  4. From the Admin drop-down menu, click Devices.
  5. Click the View button in the upper-left corner of the Devices list.
  6. Verify the ELD tablet appears in the list with the correct Device ID and Vehicle ID.
  7. If the Device or Vehicle ID are incorrect, please revisit the provisioning steps and try again.