Understanding ELD Tablet Malfunctions and Warnings

Use the tables below to identify and understand malfunction and data diagnostic event indicators that may appear on the ELD device.

Feel free to click on the following link to view a live resource containing the most up-to-date server and app updates detailing Malfunctions and Diagnostics, trigger conditions, and corresponding corrective actions: Troubleshooting Data Diagnostics and Compliance Malfunctions.

What Should I Tell My Driver to Do?

If an ELD tablet malfunctions, the driver is required to report the malfunction to you within 24 hours and reconstruct paper logs for the last 24-hour period and the last 7-consecutive days. The FMCSA states that drivers may print a copy of logs from the last 7-consecutive days instead of manually recreating the events (this can be done from the HOS Driver Portal).

In the event of an electronic logging device (ELD) malfunction, instruct your driver as follows:

Instructions to provide to your driver:

  1. Note the malfunction, and provide written notice of the malfunction to your motor carrier within 24 hours.
  2. Reconstruct your record of duty status (RODS) for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7-consecutive days, and record the records of duty status on graph-grid paper logs that comply with 49 CFR 395.8, unless you already have the records or you retrieve them from the ELD; (use the HOS Driver Portal to retrieve your previous logs, if available).
  3. Continue to manually prepare RODS in accordance with 49 CFR 395.8 until the ELD is serviced and back in compliance. The recording of your hours of service on paper logs cannot continue for more than 8 days after the malfunction; if you continue to record your hours of service on a paper log beyond 8 days, you risk being placed out of service.

Per the FMCSA, the time limit for preparing logs manually due to a tablet malfunction is 8 days. After 8 days, if the tablet is still malfunctioning, you run the risk of being placed out of service.

The following tables provide ELD malfunction and data diagnostic event definitions.

Miscellaneous Warnings

A miscellaneous warning icon appears on your device as an orange triangle icon () and can represent a few different warnings.

Warning Description Instructions
Unknown Driver The vehicle is moving but the person operating the vehicle has not been identified. Stop driving and either sign in or change status as directed.

Data Diagnostic Event

Data diagnostics appear on the device when a driver is signed in to the application. If your device enters a data diagnostic state, you will see a red triangle icon () in the action bar at the top of the screen. Navigate to the driver’s log events in the HOS Portal to determine the exact type of diagnostic event that has occurred.

Code Data Diagnostic Event Description
1 Power Device was not powered on within 1 minute of the engine receiving power, or lost power at any point while the engine was powered on.
2 Engine Synchronization Device was not able to receive data from the ECM (or other data source) within 5 seconds of requesting the data.
3 Missing Required Data Elements Device is missing required information for reporting on driver logs.
4 Data Transfer Device is unable to confirm the proper operation of the certified primary roadside transfer mechanism.
5 Unidentified driving records More than 30 minutes of driving in a 24-hour period is recorded under the unidentified driver profile.

Compliance Malfunction

An ELD compliance malfunction appears on your device as a pop-up notification icon () that sits on top of all applications. The icon will include the malfunction description.

A compliance malfunction cannot be dismissed, it must be corrected before continued use of the device as an ELD. Drivers must document the occurrence of a compliance malfunction and notify their carrier within 24 hours. If you are not able to immediately resolve the malfunction, the driver must begin keeping paper logs until the device is once again compliant.

Code Compliance Malfunction Description
P Power Device lost power during driving events for a total of 30 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.
E Engine Synchronization Device lost connection to the ECM (or other data source) for a total of more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period.
T Timing Device is not able to synchronize to UTC or does not have a valid GPS fix.
L Positioning Device is not able to acquire a valid position measurement within 5 miles of vehicle movement for a total of more than 60 minutes over a 24 hour period.
R Data Recording Device is no longer able to record or retain required event data or retrieve locally-stored recorded logs.
S Data Transfer Device continues to fail checks of the roadside transfer mechanism for three days following a Data Transfer Diagnostic Event.
O Other ELD Detected The eFleetSuite application has stopped working or is not responding as expected.

Experiencing Frequent Tablet Malfunctions?

If you are experiencing frequent tablet malfunctions, please contact the HOS Support Team. Please be prepared to provide as much information as possible regarding the malfunction circumstances.

To contact the HOS Support Team:

Email: hos@gpsinsight.com
Telephone: (480) 240-4414

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