Ending Your Shift

The following steps walk you through the process of signing out and performing a post-trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) on your ELD tablet.

Signing Out of the ELD tablet

When you are finished with your shift or done using the vehicle, sign out from your ELD device.

For devices running ELD-compliant software with eFleetSuite version and higher: If your Admin has enabled the On Duty Sign Out feature, you will be prompted as to whether you would like to sign out from the device but remain in On Duty (ON) status or if you’d like to completely sign out and switch your status to Off Sign Out (OFF) status (see below).

IMPORTANT! Do not use the Rest Break option unless you are returning to duty in the same vehicle before the end of your shift.

To sign out:

  1. From the Driver Overview screen, tap Status ().

The Choose Status window appears, displaying available status options.

  1. Tap OFF Sign Out ().
  2. If your Admin has enabled On Duty Sign Out (Devices with ELD-compliant software with eFleetSuite v1.7.111.4a or higher ONLY), you may select to sign out from the tablet but remain in On Duty (ON) status. If you select this option, you will be left in On Duty (ON) status until you sign in on another device or access the HOS Driver Portal and change your status to OFF Sign Out (OFF) when you are done with your shift. If you do not change your status, you will remain in ON status for an extended period of time and will need to fix this in the HOS Driver Portal before operating an HOS vehicle again.

Upon sign out, your status is set to OFF.

The application automatically synchronizes logs. The Verify Log Data window appears and you may be prompted to review logs on the device, if available.

  1. Tap Yes to view/certify logs (refer to Editing, Approving, and Certifying Logs for instructions) on the device before signing out or tap No to proceed in the sign out process.

Your records are sent to the HOS Portal once you have completed the sign out process. If the DVIR feature is enabled, you may be prompted to perform a DVIR before completing the sign out process.

Tap Back to cancel and return to the Driver Overview screen.

Performing a DVIR on the ELD tablet

Before completing the sign out process, you will be prompted to perform a DVIR (if this feature is enabled on your ELD tablet).

To perform a DVIR:

The Enter Inspection Information screen appears displaying your Vehicle ID, odometer, and location data. You may be prompted to enter data, if the device does not have a lock on GPS location.

  1. Tap OK.

A list of resources subject to inspection will be shown.

  1. Tap once on a resource to highlight it and then tap the appropriate option: No Defects or Add Defects.
  2. Option Description
    No Defects Choose this option to report that the resource is free of defect or deficiency.
    Add Defects Choose this option to note one or more defects for the resource.

    If there are no existing defects:

    1. Tap No Defects.

The resource ID displays in blue, indicating that you have completed a DVIR for that resource during the current inspection process. If you tapped No Defects accidentally, tap the resource to highlight it and then tap Edit Defects (refer to steps included under “If there are existing defects”).

You must complete a DVIR for all resources in the list to move to the next screen.

    If there are existing defects:

    1. Tap Add Defects ().

The Inspection screen appears, displaying a list of parts specific to the selected resource on the left-hand side of the screen.

    1. Add defect(s) by tapping on parts from the available list.

A sub-defect menu appears, displaying a list of potential defects applicable to the part you selected.

You may need to scroll up to view the entire list.

    1. Tap on the defect you would like to record. If none of the defects listed apply, use the Other field to add a description of the defect.
    2. Repeat this process for each defective part, then tap Done.
    3. Review your DVIR details. If you need to make changes, tap Back and make your changes. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  1. Tap Finish ().

If you were completing the DVIR in order to complete the Sign Out process, you are signed out and returned to the Sign in screen. If you were completing a DVIR during the Sign In process, the Driver Overview screen appears.

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