EPICOR/BisTrack Integration

Customers with Epicor have an on-premise server BisTrack implementation. With our integration, their server’s address is configured as a destination for location alerts from our Portal. This custom set up needs to be done once before they start pushing alerts to their BisTrack server.

How to set up EPICOR integration:

  1. Customer sends a request to their Epicor account representative for: “Geo-Fence push notifications be enabled”.
  2. Epicor reaches out to our Product team directly with the details we need for the integration.
  3. Our Dev team completes required tasks and confirms the setup directly with Epicor.

    Typically this takes 1-2 days from when Epicor makes the request.

  4. Customer configures landmark alerts in the Portal. Enter the word “PUSH” in the Email Notification field (addresses field in Classic) for each alert for vehicles and landmark groups they wish to report to EPICOR.

The integration is complete. As alerts are generated in our Portal, the configured alerts will be sent directly to the customer’s Epicor BisTrack server.