The installation kit contains a registration card, TT-2200 device, four well nuts, and four socket cap screws.

Additional tools and supplies that you may need include a fine-tip marker, cordless drill, 1/4 in. (7 mm) drill bit, Phillips-head screw driver, 7/64 in. (2.78 mm) hex key, and a ladder.

Covert Installation: Though the device may report accurately in covertly installed locations, we do not recommend this type of installation due to the potential for lost data and/or diminished battery life.

Installation Steps

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install preparation.
  2. Mounting.
  3. Verify the installation.

  1. 1. Install preparation

    1. Complete the registration card by locating the eight-digit serial number on the bottom of the device and copying the last seven digits onto the card.
    2. Identify an area horizontal to the ground, that has an unobstructed 180º view of the sky, is not a removable panel and will not be damaged during normal operation of the asset.
    3. Inspect the area directly underneath the mounting location to ensure nothing will be damaged when drilling.
    4. Using a Phillips-head screw driver, remove both screws and panel located at the end of the device, switch the device to ON, then screw the panel back in place.

  2. 2. Mounting.

    Locate the TT-2200 device, fine-tip marker, four well nuts, four socket cap screws, 7/64 in. (2.78 mm) hex key, cordless drill, and 1/4 in. (7 mm) drill bit.

    1. Position the mounting bracket and mark the position of the four holes.
    2. Set the device aside and drill the four holes.
    3. Insert a well nut into each hole.
    4. Using the socket cap screws, secure the device to the asset.

  3. 3. Verify the installation.

    1. To activate your device, with your registration card in hand, use the Wex Telematics Verification App via smart phone (iOS|Android). If you have any verification questions, please call 866-666-5061.

      Be sure to use the same logic in step 1 removing the serial number prefix when entering the serial number into the App.

    2. Once activated, give your registration card to your GPS administrator.

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