What Should I Do if the ELD Flex Server is Unavailable?

On rare occasions, the ELD Flex server and portal may become unavailable while implementing new release updates. The following should help guide you for when this occurs.


If a driver has previously logged into their tablet or phone, they can log in as normal. If not, drivers should choose the ‘Continue without Syncing’ option from the login page, and continue to use the application as a paper logbook. Any new logs added to the device will be uploaded as soon as the connection to the server is restored even if the device is turned off or later used by another driver.

It is recommended that the driver use the device prior to the disruption wherever possible. This will ensure they have an accurate copy of older logs to fill their shift and drive clocks.


Administrators will not be able to use the portal during this time, but should be able to access again once the release update is complete.

Data Transfers

The FMCSA has clarified that in situations where a data transfer is unavailable, showing the inspector an ELD readout is sufficient. For more information, visit: FMCSA – ELD Transfer