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GO9 Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How does my device detect ignition? Due to differences in vehicle manufacturers, it is not always possible to determine if the vehicle ignition is turned on or off. For this reason, the telematics device attempts to detect the engine running in the following three ways:

– When the engine "ON" status is detected via the CAN bus
– When there are voltage fluctuations (where no CAN is available)
– When movement is detected (where neither RPM nor voltage fluctuation are detected.)
If enabled, what are the G-force thresholds defined for the in-cab device buzzer?

Passenger Car refers to ordinary passenger vehicles; Truck/Cube Van to typical delivery type trucks or other step-side vans; and Heavy-Duty to larger box trucks and tractor trailers.

Is the Driveri camera product compatible with the GO9 device? Yes, Driveri cameras will sync to registered vehicles equipped with GO9 devices.
What vehicle YMMs are supported for odometer, seatbelt, fuel usage, and fuel level? If there are questions around specific Year, Make, Model vehicles, and their supported data then please submit a vehicle list (including year, make, model) to Support for review via email.
What is the general process for troubleshooting odometer issues? Most odometer problems on install stem from the following:

Poor installation: As odometer is request based, a poor install can cause the device to go into listen-only mode. We may not get any engine data on particularly poor installs. This can also happen if the device has been kicked or comes loose, same symptoms apply. You can check for the engine faults such as 'Telematics device fault: problem communicating with engine – potential bad install – harness issue or device failure – intermittent connection detected on the engine communications bus and it is now in listen-only mode'
Vehicle not being driven enough: Again, odometer is request based, it's searched for on ignition and it can take a few miles of driving for the device to latch onto the odometer source.
Poor odometer support for the vehicle: If all other potential reasons are accounted for then coordinate with Support to determine if the vehicle is fully supported, and to identify next steps towards resolution.
Is roaming supported? AT&T devices will roam onto Rogers, Bell, or Telus in Canada and Telefonica in Mexico. Verizon devices will roam onto Rogers, Bell, or Telus in Canada but will have no roaming capabilities in Mexico.
Are switch inputs available? Yes, switch inputs are available and the device can support up to 4 inputs.
Is a cable required for switch inputs? Yes, the IOX-AUXM cable is required for inputs. The cable allows for automatic identification of GND-Float, GND-Driven, and Float-Driven, driving circuits with capacitive loading of <200pF. See the following for input logic levels:

- GND—Float – IOX™️ reports Low ‘0’ when input floating, IOX reports High ‘1’ when input <100 mV
- Float—Driven – IOX reports Low ‘0’ when input floating, IOX reports High ‘1’ when input >3.3 V
GND—Driven – IOX reports Low ‘0’ when input <100 mV, IOX reports High ‘1’ when input >3.3 V
How do I install the cable for inputs? Please see the link for the IOX-AUXM cable in the GO9 Installation Guide.
Is the GO9 compatible with tracking vehicles with wheelchair lifts? Certain wheelchair lift brands do not work well with the GO9 device, or any other devices plugged into the diagnostic port, sometimes causing the vehicle not to start or drivers to be unable to shift out of Park. It’s recommended that if a device is going to be installed in these vehicles that the user contact their support team first to have the devices put into Listen Only Mode (No Engine Data). Please see the following related resource articles:

>> Geotab: Vehicle-Specific Installation Notes [PUB] – Wheelchair Lifts
>> Wheelchair Lifts and Telematics Devices
Why does the GO9 device beep? Device beeping occurs mostly because of driver behavior, device disconnect/reconnect, or device update (firmware, any parameter) activity. After installation, a device may appear to beep excessively while it continues to download any recent updates (this process is similar to a new phone or tablet downloading updates after being turned on for the first time). Beeping will generally subside within 24-48 hours of drive time.
How often are new updates/firmware applied to the GO9? Geotab will typically release new firmware every 2 months, with firmware release notes readily available to the public.
How does the device capture and report DTCs? The device waits one (1) minute after ignition On before processing/requesting DTCs. After one (1) minute, the device starts to log DTCs from the vehicle and stores them to an internal buffer of 20 DTCs per protocol.

For J1939, the device captures only DM1 messages, which cover "All active DTCs and some lamp statuses".

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