My Garmin Device is Locking Up

Garmin Device Troubleshooting

Although we defer to Garmin’s support team for general Garmin support, our in-house Support team can help troubleshoot the following Garmin-related issues:

  • Device is not listed in the Garmin-Enabled Vehicles list.
  • The Garmin-Enabled Vehicles list says the Garmin is not active.
  • The Garmin is not sending/receiving messages.

Performing a Hard Reset

If the Garmin device is not displaying the Dispatch screen or is not responding to any other troubleshooting steps, you may be instructed to apply a hard reset.

To perform a hard reset:

  1. Disconnect and power off the Garmin by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds, and then select Yes when prompted.
  2. Press and hold the lower-right corner of the screen while you power the Garmin back up.
  3. Continue holding your thumb in the corner until you see a pop-up window with the option to clear all data. Select Yes.
  4. After the device has cleared the data and restarted, the device will ask you to set up the Garmin. Follow the on-screen directions.
  5. When the setup has been completed, you will see “Where to?” and “View Map” options.
  6. Power down the Garmin by holding down the power button for five seconds, and then Select Yes when prompted.
  7. Reconnect Garmin to FMI cable.

Updating Garmin Device Firmware

There are also some instances in which the Garmin will need to have its firmware updated.

To update Garmin firmware:

  1. Plug the Garmin into a computer and visit the Garmin firmware website to download and install updates.
  2. Once this has been completed, plug the device back into the FMI cable and run through a verification.