ST-600 – FAQ

Questions about the ST-600? Check out the below.

ST-600 Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
My device is showing a location on the map that is not accurate. For the most accurate location reporting, the GPS receiver on your device needs to have a good view of the sky. As with any GPS device, GPS signals don’t penetrate certain materials well. Walls, vehicle roofs, tall buildings, mountains, and other obstructions can block line-of-sight to GPS satellites.
What is the end-of-life voltage level when the device stops working? The ST-600 is equipped with a 3000 mAh rechargeable LiPo battery, with a voltage range of 4.2V – 3.5V, with 3.5 being the cut-off for the device to be active. It will begin communicating once the battery recharges to an acceptable level.
What happens when a device can’t connect to cellular signal? How often does it retry? When the device wakes to report, it will try several times to find a network. If it fails to connect it will save the data in a buffer and go to sleep. It will then try again on the next wake event.

The ST-600 can store 23 messages using the FIFO method when not connected to a cell signal and will forward those events once it returns to a network connection.
How long does it take for my solar device to charge? On the ST-600, from a full charge, you get about ~1200 report events (in the absence of recharging) before the device stops responding. A full charge is ~60 hours from empty. Solar-powered devices generally need 4-5 hours of daylight to ensure the battery is optimally charged.

On a full charge for the ST-610 you get about ~3,500 report events (without recharging) before the device stops responding. A full charge is ~8hrs for 8 days from empty (In ideal exposure, uninterrupted sunlight from fully drained to fully charged 4.2V).
How does the device trigger motion activity? The device configuration is set to monitor for three .3g (g-force) events within a 5-minute period for the device to start monitoring motion activity with the first point being reported at the 5-minute interval.
Does this device capture and report runtime? No, not at this time.
Can the device be shipped via Air? Yes, the ST-600 is not restricted for domestic air shipping.
What carriers are supported for the device? AT&T 4G/LTE and T-Mobile
• Coverage includes North America (USA, Canada, & Mexico).
What happens if the device gets too hot? The ST-600 has a thermal protection cutoff on charging the battery above 45* C (113 * F). When the temperature rises above this threshold the device enters a protective state and ceases charging.
How does the ST-610's Wi-Fi functionality impact battery life? The device utilizes local BSSID wi-fi networks, similar to a cell phone, so that it can report wi-fi location, conserving battery and only triggering GPS module-based location when Wi-Fi is no longer an option.
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