Release Notes 3/4/2024

This Product Release Notes announcement includes notification of updates for the Portal.

Portal Updates

Driver Permissions Added to the Admin Page

If you have the Driver Management Add-on enabled for your account, users with appropriate permissions can select Driver permissions for a user:

  • None
  • View drivers (ability to see drivers on the map and in reports)
  • Assign and un-assign drivers to vehicles (ability to assign/un-assign drivers to/from vehicles)
  • Full driver admin permissions (ability to create, edit, and delete drivers)

If you would like to learn more, please visit About the Admin Page.

New Camera Icon in the Vehicle List

A camera icon now indicates that the vehicle is equipped with a safety camera.

Allowing you to quickly identify the vehicles that have cameras within your fleet without having to open the vehicle card and look for media clips.

See Using Map Lists for additional information.

Battery Voltage Now Shown in Vehicle Card

The Battery Voltage diagnostic value has been added to the vehicle cards allowing you to quickly assess and troubleshoot vehicles that may be having issues and monitor the vehicle’s battery voltage on the fly.

This data is displayed when reported by the ECM (varies by make/model/year).

See Using the Vehicle Card Status Bar for additional information.