PNP Series

The installation kit contains a registration card, the PNP device, one diagnostic Pass-Thru cable, one mounting bracket, five 8” cable ties and six 14” cable ties.

Additional tools that you may need include an ink pen, dash panel removers, socket/screwdriver set, flush cutters, and tamper seal.

For install verification and device registration, visit and bookmark this page.

Installation Overview

  1. Install Preparation
  2. Device Connections
  3. Device Mounting
  4. Verification and Registration

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Installation Preparation.

    1. Record the 10-digit serial number (ESN) onto your registration card.

  2. 2. Device Connections.

    There are two available methods to connect the device:

    • Direct Plug-In
    • Diagnostic Cable


    Direct Plug-in Instructions:

    1. If installing directly into the OBD-II port, please perform the following before proceeding to Step #4 for Verification and Registration:
      1. Locate the OBD-II Port and plug the device directly into the port.
      2. Secure the device to the OBD-II Port with a zip tie and ensure connection secure.

        If device lights do not begin to flash upon connection or do not go solid within 3-5 minutes, see Frequently Asked Questions below.


    Diagnostic Cable Instructions:

    1. Remove the dashboard panels for harness installation and device mounting.
    2. With the vehicle Ignition Off and keys removed, complete the following steps:

    3. Free up the existing OBD-II port from its current location.
    4. Connect the Pass-thru Cable to the vehicle diagnostic port and cable tie.
    5. Mount Pass-Thru Cable replacement port.
    6. Connect PNP device to Pass-Thru Cable and cable tie.
    7. If device lights do not begin to flash upon connection or do not go solid within 3-5 minutes, see frequently asked questions below.

  3. 3. Device Mounting.

    1. Without any metal covering the device, cable tie device as high within the dash as possible.

  4. 4. Verification and Registration.

    1. Open the web app on your computer or smartphone, enter your Install Key, Device Serial Number and select Device Type: ‘PNP.’
    2. Then follow the instructions for verification and device registration.
    3. Upon completion, reassemble the vehicle’s dashboard, and give the registration card to your GPS administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is the white wire that is unused for the PNP Install? The 6-pin connector with the loose lead white wire is an accessory connection for the Driveri camera. If Driveri was purchased, please refer to that guide for installation instructions. If Driveri was not purchased then ignore and cable tie to the OBDII cable.

Why are lights flashing on the device?,The device is trying to acquire a GPS (green) or Cellular (amber) lock. If the view to the sky is blocked by metal or if installing in an area with no cellular coverage, you may need to drive the vehicle.
Why are the device lights not illuminating?,"The port is most likely not supplying power and you will need to replace the diagnostic port fuse. Refer to your owner’s manual to inspect the correct fuse and replace if necessary."
Why am I not seeing the vehicle on my map? Your vehicle will not appear on the map until a trip has started. Start the vehicle and refresh the web page.
Additional Questions Contact our GPS Insight 24/7 Technical Support Team at 480-508-7478.

OBD-II Connector Bracket Kit
The following OBD-II Connector Bracket Kit sheet breaks down which bracket corresponds with the correct vehicle.

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