Missing Data on Diagnostic Screen

If data is missing from the Diagnostic screen of the ELD, please follow the below troubleshooting steps to correct the issue.

  1. Log in to the device and proceed through the sign-in process until you pass the Tractor/Trailer & Odometer screen and you are viewing the Diagnostic screen.
  2. An automatic scan occurs to pull the diagnostic data required. If any of the items on this screen are displayed in red or say “missing” then the tablet is not functioning properly.
    Diagnostic screen displaying missing text in red under RPM, EH, and ODO.

  3. Reboot the ELD tablet by pressing and holding the power button, then selecting Reboot.
  4. Once the tablet comes back to the diagnostic screen, the device will automatically start scanning again.

  5. If you see Speed, RPM, EH (engine hours), and ODO all in green, scroll down and tap Continue. Issue Resolved.
  6. Diagnostic screen displaying green text under Speed, RPM, EH, and ODO.

  7. If the data is still displaying in red or states “missing,” return to the Home Screen.
  8. Tap the Calamp Mobile Framework App.
  9. Ensure “Serial USB” is selected. If it is not, change the selection to “Serial USB” and reboot the tablet.
  10. After the tablet has rebooted and is on again, return to the ELD Complete app and select Run ELD Diagnostic.
  11. If data is displayed in green, then complete Step #3. If the data is still reading “missing” and is displayed in red, please contact Support.