PNP-3000 Series – FAQ

Questions about the PNP-3000 Series? Check out the below.

PNP-3000 Series Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Is there a backup battery for the device? If so, what is the estimated life of the battery? Yes, it includes a backup battery with a limited lifespan of approximately 30 minutes.
What type of data does the device collect and send to the software solution? Default configurations include location and *data updates when the following occurs:

• Ignition On/Off with reporting every 2 minutes while Ign On.
• Every 12 hours while Ign Off.
• When the vehicle’s battery voltage is below 11.8V.
• When the device is disconnected from power.
• When the device’s internal battery is critically low.
• When the device records a hard accelerometer event (e.g. rapid acceleration, harsh braking, hard right or left turn) while Ign On.

*data reported can include the following:
• Max speed, instantaneous speed, miles driven, odometer, external battery voltage, vehicle speed, engine speed (RPMs), max acceleration/deceleration (GPS-based), and various ECU data if provided
Does the device collect diagnostics? If so, provide a list of available diagnostics. Yes, it reports diagnostic data as it’s made available by the individual vehicle. These can include the following:

• Vehicle speed, engine speed, odometer, fuel level percentage, engine coolant temp, fuel rate, calculated trip odometer, calculated fuel usage, fuel level remaining, DTC count, VIN.
How is the device installed? What installation steps are taken to conceal the device or prevent tampering? The customer has the option of installing the device 2 ways:

• Plug the device directly into the diagnostic port.
• Utilize a pass-thru cable that allows the diagnostic port to remain open to third-party devices and allows for the concealment and tamper prevention of the device; this is detailed within our installation guide.
What carriers are supported for the device? AT&T 4G/LTE with 3G fallback = PNP-3100AB and PNP-3200AB
• Coverage includes North America (USA, Canada, & Mexico)

Verizon 4G/LTE = PNP-3100LB & PNP-3200LB
• Coverage includes USA & Canada.
What is the average power draw? • With ignition on and device actively reporting = ~60-70mA

• With ignition off, device awake = ~40-50mA

• With ignition off, device GPS asleep* = ~30-35mA

*Sleep occurs 5 minutes after ignition off.
Can specific data collected by the device (e.g., DTCs) be prioritized over other types of data collected by the device in case of low connection? No, not at this time. In the instance that the device is unable to connect or maintains low cellular connectivity the device will store all data and send once connection strength has been restored.
How many points are stored by the device in case cellular/satellite connection is lost? 20,000
Is there an option for switching from cellular to satellite-based on connectivity availability?

(e.g., If a device operating on cellular connectivity enters an area where cellular is unavailable, will the device automatically switch to operating on satellite connectivity to keep data transmitting in real-time?)
No, there’s currently no similar option for this device type.
Describe the device’s encryption technology. There’s currently no encryption technology used for this device by default.
What are the available ping rates for the device? 2 minutes is the default, with options that range from 30 seconds to 2 hours (pricing not detailed).
How are hardware patches transmitted to the device, if necessary? Script updates are sent from our server to the device for download and are managed on an as-needed basis.

Firmware updates require the device to verify its ESN, in the firmware file there’s a digital signature that the device is expecting and if that signature doesn’t match then it will not attempt to the download.
Is it IP rated? No.
How much actual data memory does the device contain? The device works with 4Mb of SPI flash memory.
Are the status LEDs different? Currently, the devices only display a solid amber light to indicate if the device is powered on or off. There is no blinking pattern defined to indicate GPS/Cell status or Vehicle Installation status.
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